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Biological Will

A conscious choice

Introduced with Law no. 219 of December 22, 2017 the so-called Living Will, or the Advance Treatment Provisions (D.A.T.), allows Citizens to give indications on the health treatments to be received or refused in cases where they find themselves in conditions of incapacity.

The Living Will is a very delicate act with which each of us can express, in anticipation of a possible future illness or inability to self-determine, regarding the acceptance or rejection of certain:

  • diagnostic tests

  • therapeutic choices (in general)

  • individual health treatments (in particular).

The Notary will be able to best offer the Citizen all the information on this instrument of great civilization offered by the Legislator and will be able to stipulate, with a notarial deed, the Living Will, registering it in the National Register of D.A.T. ​

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