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Mortgages and Financing

Everything you need to know

The Notary Firm offers all its experience in the field of Banking Law to best protect Customers and Banks in every aspect of the financing practice, be it a land loan for the purchase of a house, or a loan or credit line for your entrepreneurial activity. 
The Notary will also follow the Client and the Bank in the increasingly frequent subrogation deeds, with which it is possible to obtain significant savings on mortgage costs.


The Notary, in addition to checking the validity of the contract and assuming responsibility towards the Bank regarding the ownership and mortgage freedom of the property granted as guarantee, verifies the existence of any unfair clauses to the detriment of the Customer, prevents fraud to the detriment of the Bank and Customers and with his experience and preparation he can advise the borrower by suggesting the most suitable solutions, eliminating clauses that may generate a contractual imbalance.  

We recommend contacting the Notary as soon as possible in order to have time to verify and evaluate all aspects of the contract and not at the last minute, when the buyer of the property, in order to meet the commitments undertaken, has the absolute need to arrive at the disbursement of the loan in any way and without delay.

Here is an example of our activities:

• land loan deeds;
• mortgage loan deeds;

• deeds of subrogation;

• mortgage splitting deeds;

• mortgage cancellation and restriction deeds;

• assignment of unsecured and mortgage credits;

• disbursement and receipt deeds;

• deeds establishing mortgage loans;
• acceptance deeds;

• twenty-year notarial reports for real estate foreclosures and foreclosures.

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