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Real Estate Transfers

Your safe purchase

The Notary firm will support you in every step of purchasing your property, from the proposal to the mortgage. Buying a house is certainly one of the most important events in a person's life. To best protect citizens, the State requires that the contract be stipulated by an impartial public official specialized in the matter: the Notary.
The Notary, in fact, intervenes by law in a position of third party and independence with respect to the seller and buyer, guaranteeing that the purchase of the property takes place in compliance with all legal regulations. For this reason we recommend that you contact us before even starting negotiations or signing purchase proposals or preliminary contracts, which are already binding and binding, so that we can advise you on on every aspect of the operation to be carried out.

Here is an example of our activities:

​• deeds of sale, exchange, donation;
• leasing and rent to buy;

​• mortgages, subrogations, transfers and cancellation of mortgages;
• special and general powers of attorney;

• assessment of adverse possession following assisted negotiation;

• real estate disposals;

​• trust and destination constraints;
• urban planning and subdivision agreements;  
​• enfranchisement deeds, deeds of transformation of superficial property into full ownership; deeds of obligation and creation of easements;
• twenty-year reports on the property both for mortgages and financing and for foreclosures and foreclosures.

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