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Please, contact the Notary Office directly to obtain a detailed, no-obligation quote best suited to your needs. Alternatively, you can fill out the form below specifying the act for which you are requesting a quote, with all the information you are aware of. In the case of purchasing a property, please specify whether you will buy from the builder or from a private individual and indicate the purchase price, the cadastral income and possibly the amount of the mortgage requested. You should also specify whether the purchase concerns the so-called first home. Here are the requirements for taking advantage of the so-called first home benefits: 1) you must not own, not even in shares, a house purchased with first home benefits, or you must be obliged to sell it within one year; 2) you must not own 100% on your own or with your spouse of another house in the same municipality where you intend to purchase the new one; 3) you must have residence in the municipality where you purchase the house or you must move it to that municipality within 18 months of purchase.

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