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On the side of the weakest

For many years now, in Italy and around the world, the associative phenomenon has been arousing ever greater consensus and enthusiasm. An ever-increasing number of people dedicate their time to social, humanitarian, sporting and cultural fields. The Italian legal system recognizes and protects people and organizations that carry out solidarity, welfare, cultural, medical, recreational, social, sporting, professional, student, trade union, political, religious, patriotic, food and wine activities, etc.

The Notary Firm will be able to offer all its expertise and professionalism at the service of Clients who wish to undertake this path or who simply wish to continue it as best as possible, providing the necessary consultancy from the beginning, advising as best as possible which type of organization will be most suitable , also from an economic and fiscal point of view, to achieve the desired result.

Here is an example of our activities:

• establishment of Third Sector bodies, associations, non-profit organisations, foundations, social enterprises;
• Assistance in registering in the Register of Third Sector Entities and in obtaining Legal Personality;
• Meeting minutes and amendments to the Statutes and Regulations;

• Extraordinary operations such as mergers, splits and transformations;
• Liquidation and Dissolution.

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