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Family and Inheritance

The protection of family assets

The Notary, by establishing a particular relationship of trust with the Client, will be able to best advise him on the management of family assets and on the legal aspects of relationships with his partner or relatives. In particular, the Client will obtain all the advice and information relating to the delicate issues of donations and inheritances, in order to better plan the distribution of their assets, also with a view to tax savings, and the generational transfer of the entrepreneurial activity.   

Furthermore, the matter of new families is of particular importance in modern society: the firm offers all the information relating to cohabitation contracts and civil unions.

Here is an example of our activities:

• Deeds of donation and division;
•  Family agreements;
• Maintenance contracts and life annuities;
• Notarized wills or trust deposit of holographic wills;
• Publication of wills, acceptances and renunciations of inheritances;
• Declarations of succession and cadastral transfers; acts of notoriety;
• Acceptance of inheritance with benefit of inventory, drafting of inventories;
• Modification of the family property regime (so-called separation of assets);
• Trust deeds, destination restrictions, fiduciary assignments;

• Cohabitation contracts;
• Safety deposit box openings.

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