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Signing a Contract

Stefano Lombardo

On your side, above the sides

Lombardo Notary Firm presents itself as a professional reality capable of providing a fast and effective response to the needs of its Clients, taking the best possible care of the fundamental element of its function: Trust. The Notary, making use of the help of the competence and professionalism of his collaborators, will personally follow every aspect of the task entrusted to him, from consultancy in his areas of expertise up to the final act, accompanying the Client in every step of the activity he wants to carry out .


The firm has its main office in Formello, in Viale Umberto I n. 100, fifteen minutes north of Rome (exit of the G.R.A. "Viterbo - Cassia bis "Veientana") and secondary office in Rome, in Corso Trieste n. 155, near Piazza Istria.

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Our activities

Dog House

Real estate

Buy a house safely

Due uomini che agitano le mani

Companies and Business

Your business, our goal


Family and Inheritance

The protection of family assets

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Mortgages and Financing

Everything you need to know

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No profit

On the side of the weakest

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Biological Will

A conscious choice

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Hours: Monday - Friday 
9.00 - 13.00; 14 .00 - 18.00

Viale Umberto l° n. 100, Formello
Corso Trieste n. 155, Roma

Tel. 06 908 8591

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Formello - Viale Umberto I n. 100

Roma - Corso Trieste n. 155

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