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Request a Copy of a Deed

Anyone, even if they are not a party or are not directly interested in the deed, can request the Notary to issue one or more authentic copies of a public notarial deed by paying the related fees.
There is no need to provide any justification or reason for requesting a copy of a public notarial deed. In fact, as required by law, the release of copies by the notary is not harmful to confidentiality and, therefore, the limits relating to the protection of personal data are not applicable. The Notary Office will be able to send a digital copy of the deed via email, having the same legal value as the paper copy, or - upon explicit request - a paper copy of the same, to be physically collected from the Notary Office.

Request of Copies

Please indicate all the information in your possession on the deed of which you are requesting a copy (names of the parties, date of signature, subject of the deed, repertoire number, etc.)

Your form has been submitted!

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